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Fountain Valley track dominates Edison in first League meet

Last Thursday, the FVHS track & field team showed an outstanding performance in the first League meet, crushing Edison in all six divisions.


Senior plans before finishing high school

Here are some seniors talking bout the things they want to do before school ends.

Examining the pros and cons of a large school

As one of the largest schools in Orange County, Fountain Valley High School has over 3,000 students on its campus, which has both positive as well as negative aspects that one might consider.

Teachers recount their past professions

An inside look on former operations manager and Spanish teacher Katie Ellis as well as a former electronics company president and physics teacher Jeff Larson.

Barons basketball unable to recover from loss to the Oilers

Falling behind early in the game, the Barons’ poor shooting and nonexplosive defense led to a large defeat against the Huntington Beach Oilers.

Cody Newsome smashes his way through high school

Senior varsity basketball player Cody Newsome will always remember the eruption of the crowd as he maneuvers through the defense and sinks a shot.

New books flood into Library

Hundreds of new additions to the FVHS library adds to the wide varieties of books that students can choose from and updates the shelves to include recently published ones.

Boys basketball struggles against the Chargers

FVHS boys basketball fought against Edison last Friday, losing the game 34-66 despite their efforts.

Jake Lee travels around the world

Traveling over 20 countries, science teacher Jake Lee’s life opened up as he learned about the huge world beyond his familiar territories.

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