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New potential clubs on campus next year

Here are some new clubs that FVHS might offer next year including Japanese Club and Fountain Valley Blogger’s Society.


Fountain Valley High School introduces new course, AP Capstone

Learn more about the new class that FVHS plans to add to its curriculum this coming fall.

FVHS expands its online class repertoire

FVHS is welcoming three new hybrid-online classes next year: precalculus, ERWC and P.E.

Examining the pros and cons of a large school

As one of the largest schools in Orange County, Fountain Valley High School has over 3,000 students on its campus, which has both positive as well as negative aspects that one might consider.

New books flood into Library

Hundreds of new additions to the FVHS library adds to the wide varieties of books that students can choose from and updates the shelves to include recently published ones.

After-school Academic Assistance Program takes action

A new tutoring program, the After School Academic Assistance Program, was implemented last week to offer students with peer to peer assistance.

Virtual Enterprise hosts a super smashing tournament

Barons came together to play Super Smash Bros. hosted by Virtual Enterprise and competed for the top spot.

FVHS implements new tutoring program

Starting this year, a new program is getting introduced to FVHS, incorporating the use of and free student tutoring, allowing more access to academic help for the students in one place.

Is it too cold in the classrooms?

Students and teachers talk about the air conditioning in the classrooms, and how it affects them.

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