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New potential clubs on campus next year

Here are some new clubs that FVHS might offer next year including Japanese Club and Fountain Valley Blogger’s Society.


How different are foreign schools from FVHS?

by Anju Ito, Staff Writer   Beginning next year, Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) is adding three additional hybrid-online classes to their course options–precalculus, expository reading and writing course (ERWC) and physical education–in addition to the current health, U.S. history... Continue Reading →

Robert Papendick says his farewells to FVHS

After working as a teacher for 18 years, Robert Papendick starts counting down for the end of his career.

Senior plans before finishing high school

Here are some seniors talking bout the things they want to do before school ends.

Teachers recount their past professions

An inside look on former operations manager and Spanish teacher Katie Ellis as well as a former electronics company president and physics teacher Jeff Larson.

Cody Newsome smashes his way through high school

Senior varsity basketball player Cody Newsome will always remember the eruption of the crowd as he maneuvers through the defense and sinks a shot.

Jake Lee travels around the world

Traveling over 20 countries, science teacher Jake Lee’s life opened up as he learned about the huge world beyond his familiar territories.

After-school Academic Assistance Program takes action

A new tutoring program, the After School Academic Assistance Program, was implemented last week to offer students with peer to peer assistance.

Virtual Enterprise hosts a super smashing tournament

Barons came together to play Super Smash Bros. hosted by Virtual Enterprise and competed for the top spot.

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