29099735943_b8df68db56_k-260x390Anju Ito may be shy when meeting new people, but she can amaze you with her musical talent. She has been playing the piano from an early age of five and later took up on the flute in the fifth grade.

Once she entered high school, she was accepted into the advanced class for music. With her music experience, she plays flute in the marching band. She not only fills the world with music but also with her words.

Ito doesn’t voice her opinions out loud but rather through writing. She joined Baron Banner because of her sister, Aozora Ito (’18), who is a member of Baron Banner. She convinced Ito to join because journalism writing matched with Ito’s interests . Now, Ito is a striving reporter of the Baron Banner.

Her talents don’t end there, though. Ito also speaks fluently in her home language, Japanese. She hopes to travel to Italy as she loves Roman culture and like many other tourists, her first stop would be the Colosseum.

Ito enjoys many types of food. Similarly to her favorite movie, “Miracle From Heaven”, Ito is self-motivated and does her best to accomplish the goals she sets for herself. Although a bit shy, Ito will shower you with her talents and make you want to get to know her better.