by Anju Ito, Staff Writer

33163058454_951ef08b85_z-585x390The Fountain Valley track team swept Marina High School in their track meet last Wednesday.

Both the boys and girls varsity 4x100m relay took a lead against Marina, especially the girls who started off with a very powerful run creating an over 10 second difference against Marina.

The girls 400m dash was led by Lisa Ransom (’18), Katherine Ngo (’18) and Clarissa Orna (’17) while the boys also took the top three with the runs from Donnie Marion (‘18), Thomas Q Do (‘18) and Billy Butler (‘17). Meanwhile, in the 100m dash, Cora Davis (’17) won first place for girls with 12.14 seconds as well as Jacob Garrett (‘17) in boys with 10.88 seconds.

Davis placed first in the girls 200m dash with 25.50 followed by Ally Bebout (‘18) and Camille Nguyen (‘17). In the boys division, Garrett got first with 22.14 and Kishaun Sykes (‘19) tied third with the time of 22.55.

In the girls 800m run, Marina took first place while Ashley Faller (’19) and Sara Feitz (’19) followed close behind; for the boys, Jacob Ferris (‘18) placed first with a time of 2:04.00. The boys 1600m run was taken by Marina, although Kevin Zimmerle (‘19) got third with 4:40.54. In the girls, Faller, Isabella Guerra (‘18) and Feitz took first, second and third place, respectively.

“[The run was] pretty good. It’s the second fastest I’ve ran this whole season,” said Faller.

Guerra took first in the girls 3200m run while Marc Tadros (‘18) and Zimmerle took second and third in the boys. Fountain Valley also took first in both the boys and girls varsity 4x400m relay.

Some highlights in the hurdles include Nathan Willoughby (‘17) who placed first in both boys varsity 110m and 300m hurdles, Jevon Hill (‘18) who placed second in boys 110m hurdles and third in 300m hurdles, Cournee Moreno (‘18) who placed first in girls 100m hurdles and third in 300m hurdles, Breanna Moreno (‘18) who got second in both the girls 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles and Jessica Jones (‘18) who placed first in the girls 300m hurdles with a time of 45.24 seconds.

In the girls pole vault, Auzeen Rahgoshay (’18) placed first with 9-06.00 while Kayle Peterson (‘19) took third at 8-06.00. Gavin Carter (‘17) placed third in the boys pole vault.

In the high jump, Lauren B. Tran (‘18) and Asia Newell (‘18) took second and third place for girls while Matthew Truong (‘18) took first for boys with 5-10.00. In the long jump, Thomas Q Do (’18) took third at 20-00.00 and Taylor Armour (‘17) and Courtnee Moreno took first and second. All top three girls and boys triple jump was filled by Fountain Valley with Breanna Moreno, Taylor Armour and Dorothy Ngo (‘18) in the girls division and Isaiah Galloway (‘18), David Straw (‘18) and Do for boys.

In the girls and boys discus throw and shot put, some highlights include Amanda May (‘17), who placed first in girls shot put with 32-06.00 and second in discus throw with 105-00, and Jane Liu (‘18), who placed third in shot put and fourth in discus throw. Unfortunately, the boys discus throw and shot put were mostly dominated by Marina although Anthony Meneses (‘17) got fourth with 40-00.00.