By Anju Ito, Staff Writer

As the new year comes about, 750 new library books are being flooded into the shelves of the media center at Fountain Valley High School (FVHS).

Throughout the whole school year, the librarians have taken in student suggestions for books, looking out for current trends and checking out lists from other sources such as Goodreads and Amazon, and making an order list of over 700 books that are currently in the process of arriving at the library.

“I spend most of my lunch in the library and I love reading so I’m pretty thrilled,” said Ava Nguyen (‘18).

Although these books come from a wide variety of genres including comics and children’s books to non-fictions and novels, this year’s order focused more on lower-level reading books.

Also, most of these books are recently published, some even published in 2017 and others within a year or so, allowing students to be provided with an updated resource. In addition, some of these recently published books have book trailers that anyone can look at on the FVHS Library’s Catalog page, giving people an interesting and quick preview of the book they might want to check out.

Overall, the books cost around $9,500, ordered and paid for by the district who set up a certain budget that the library can use.

The library goes through this process each year, taking in hundreds of new books to the shelves, although numbers may vary from year to year.

“I love how the students come in, always seeing what kind of new books that we have here,” said Library Assistant Sharon Watkins.


Published in February Newspaper.