Boys Basketball: (Anju Ito & Olivia Krueger)

The varsity boys basketball team enters their season with high hopes, with great plays during the summer and wins at both of their pre-season games in the fall. Their offense erupted during the first game of the season against Firebaugh where they delivered an outstanding victory. “I’m optimistic about our team for this year. We have great team chemistry and a strong bond between us. We are all talented and contribute to the team in our own way and are going to impress a lot of people this year,” said second year varsity player Garrett Young (‘19).


Girls Soccer: (Ally & Aozora)

Varsity girls soccer is led by coach Scott Goldman and captains Karley Duda (‘17), Aysia Buendia (‘17) and Ally Bebout (‘18). With high intensity practices, the players are being pushed to give 110% of their effort into the sport, even if it is just for warm-ups. The team’s main focus is to try to utilize all of their players to create one strong force. “As a senior, my goal is to have our team dominate the Sunset League and hopefully move on into CIF,” said Buendia.


Girls Water Polo: (Ally & Aozora)

Girls water polo is making a splash this season. With practices before and after school, the team, led by captains Ally Wilcox (‘17), Alexis Perez (‘18), Jamie Tran (‘18), Grace Galleher (‘18) and Coach Eric Perale, are working hard. Despite some setbacks including a broken collarbone and ankle, the team is coming together to try the best they can and swim their way to victory this season. “We have a great group of girls this year,” said Perez. “We are aiming to immerse ourselves in the game and test our limits.”


Girls Basketball: (John Le & Suzane Jlelati)

Girls varsity basketball has been working hard for their upcoming season. Practicing every weekday for three hours, the team undergoes training with Barry Migliorini, the head coach, and Jeff Wineferter, the assistant coach. Team captains are Emily White (‘17), Remi Chicoine (‘17) and Ester Rodriguez (‘17). “I hope the team will win CIF this year,” said Tiffany Shimizu (‘20).


Boys Wrestling: (Clarissa Htay & Trevor Sonoda)

As winter approaches, the FVHS boys wrestling team have started preparing for their season. They were 2015 CIF Champions and have won 5 Sunset League titles in a row. Seniors Merrick O’Donnell (‘17) and Karson Ayres (‘17) are the team captains with head coach Brad Woodbury and assistant coaches Dennis Piramo and Matt Kiefer. The team has also picked up two new assistant coaches, Barry Gee and Alex Damschen. “I am pretty confident. We are putting in a lot of work so hopefully it will all pay off. Out practices are getting more intense,” said O’Donnell. “Our lineup is looking good, we got a lot of football players that just came in. We are trying to win another Sunset League Champion.”


Boys Soccer (Yasir Khaleq)

Boys soccer is led by coach Jason Smith and senior captains Ryan Sapp (‘17), Joey Nguyen (‘17), Matt Faris (‘17) and Zachary Young (‘17). The biggest difference between the team last year and this year is goalscoring. “We don’t have the ability to score as many goals as we did last year, so we’ll have to make that up in midfield,” said Sapp. “Our defense is solid, just like last year.”


Published on the December Newspaper.