by Elise Tran and Anju Ito, Staff writers

From Jan. 11 to 13, Virtual Enterprise hosted a gaming tournament at Fountain Valley High School (FVHS), where students gathered at room 230 to play Super Smash Bros. and compete against their fellow Barons.

Two fellow Barons compete head to head in the Super Smash Bros. tournament. Photo by Elise Tran.

Started up by their fundraising adviser, Anthony Meneses (‘17), the tournament was an exciting, fun way of raising money for Virtual Enterprise, who charged $5 entry fee per every player with a $25 gift card for the winner.

The tournament consisted of around 20 to 25 kids ready for the competition. There were some people bringing in their own controllers, and others who came in just to cheer their friends on.

“I think this is really cool; I honestly like to see all of these kids come together. This isn’t really my crowd. I’m not really too much of a game guy, but to be able to connect with more of the Barons I don’t really get to see is a lot of fun and just see everyone get together and have a bunch of fun at lunch,” said Meneses (‘17).

Timing was a struggle for the tournament as it kept getting postponed and reverted back to the set date and a handful of competitors weren’t happy about it. Despite the minor setback, the tournament was able to continue on with ease.

Competitor James Nguyen (’18) said, “The main problem was timing, because they kept changing the dates, and that was kind of annoying.”

The tournament ended with runner-up Downey Huynh (‘17) and Andrew Nguyen (‘18) triumphed as the winner defeating all his competitors with his skillful plays.

“I thought the tournament gave me an opportunity to meet new people and friends,” said Huynh (’17). “I think they should have another tournament.”


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