by Anju Ito, Staff Writer

Chemistry teacher Jake Lee considers traveling to places all over the world his passion. Ever since he graduated from college, he has visited approximately 25 countries. He hopes to visit at least one new country every year.

Lee knew he wanted to travel and started planning trips during his first year in college. After his college graduation, he carried out his plans to travel outside the country.

“I was really sick of school, and I just wanted to go out there just to experience new things,” said Lee.

In order to raise enough money for an 80-day trip to Europe, Lee took as many classes as he can during his freshman year so that by the time he was a senior, Lee only had to take the minimum number of classes required. With this extra time, Lee worked three jobs to save up for this trip. By the time of his graduation, he had enough money for the trip which he believes was probably his most memorable trip.

Lee’s first out-of-country trip changed his mindset about his life because he faced a completely different environment than what he was used to.

“While I was there for 80 days I met so many people. I met so many people where I began to really experience true diversity and really learn their philosophy,” said Lee.

He didn’t know what he wanted to do after college. However, his experience from the trip and the people he met there, especially his uncle, changed his perspective about the future and helped him discover what he was going to do.

“I really found out what I have to do for my life. I got to do something that actually makes me happy,” Lee said.

According to Lee, traveling has inspired and influenced him greatly, and without it, he may not be where he is right now. It has changed the way he views others, his philosophies and the way he lives.

“You have to break your own shell, and get out there,” said Lee. “It’s just so much fun, and there’s so much things you learn from people that’s not from your books. And you only learn from people who have living in a different style, different culture and different environment.”


Published in the December Newspaper.