by Anju Ito and Maria Gerges, Staff Writers

The symbolism behind the roses at the front of FVHS have a unique and different meaning to the school as a whole. Photo by Isabella Purdy.
  1. FVHS sits on a site of a former slaughter house. You can read about it on a plaque on the southwest corner of the campus.
  2. Barons, did you know? The tree next to the cafeteria, by the gym, is in memory of Donna Hinkson who was a supervision staff of FVHS.
  3. In 1973, FVHS was the most populated high school west of the Mississippi River, with 4,300 students when the school was originally designed for 3,000. In order to accommodate for the large population, the school had to offer double sessions and shorter periods, and let half of the school come for one half of the day while the other came for the other half.
  4. FVHS is famous! During 1997, a film called Wag the Dog took one of their short scene of a basketball game in FVHS, using the class of 1997 as extras. If paused in the right spot, people can actually see the school’s Alma Mater on the gym walls!
  5. Another time when we were famous! In 2005, the FVHS drumline and band got filmed for a music video of “Hollaback Girl,” by Gwen Stefani.
  6. Currently in FVHS, three online courses are available: U.S. History, Health, and C.P. English 3.
  7. Using an app called Destiny Quest, any student can check out information such as the most popular books, new arrivals, and helpful books for a particular subject any time. The app even allows renewing of books without actually going to the library which can be helpful in busy situations.
  8. Fountain Valley High is ranked #1291 in the National Rankings according to U.S. News, and #225 in California.
    • A little extra info: Edison is ranked #2000 in national rankings according to U.S. News and #379 in California
  9. An FVHS alumni, Laura Shernaman, designed the Orange County’s official flag in 1968, which became the official county seal centered on a yellow sunburst and a vivid orange background.
  10. In 1981, the Fountain Valley Royal Regiment marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in the inaugural parade of Ronald Reagan to represent California, and every classroom in FVHS watched this parade on TV.
  11. There is a fountain next to the school’s track field dedicated to Scotty Lang, a FVHS football player who passed away due to a heart condition while he was on the football field in 2000.
  12. Many of FVHS’ French themes and names such as the Baron name, the choirs known as Les Chanteurs and the Troubadours, the yearbook title “Raconteur,” the school motto “Toujours Avec Fierte,” meaning “always with pride,” and the school paper Le Mot was created by the school’s first principal, Dr. Paul Berger.
  13. In 2004, there was a controversy when the students were taking the senior picture. As usual, students choose to wear whatever they want; however, thirteen students tried to spell out “I (heart) Jesus” and “Jesus is the way” on their t-shirts. The issue eventually faded when the 13 students chipped in to purchase their own $250 yearbook page.


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