by Anju Ito, Staff Writer

Jonathan Lloyd shows off some of his favorite decorations that he uses in his classroom. Photo by Suzane Jlelati.

Many teachers and students at Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) celebrate Halloween in different ways: some dress up in costumes, give out candy, put up decorations in their classrooms or even incorporate Halloween into that day’s curriculum in some way. Of all these people, English teacher, Jonathan Lloyd stands out of the crowd.


Every year, Lloyd looks forward to his favorite holiday of the year. With the help from a handful of his students, his classroom turns into a haunted house overnight.

Every year, he decorates his room with chains, cauldrons, skulls, zombie pigs, spider webs, skeletons, clowns and many more. In this unearthly atmosphere he reads horror stories and shows horror movies, passes out candy, and genuinely enjoys the exciting fear that comes with the arrival of this day.

“We read excerpts from Stephen King’s It and Bram Stoker’s Dracula by lantern-light. Then, we discuss different elements of horror and literature. For example, the excerpt from Dracula is chosen because of the characterization and setting: we talk about how Stoker builds the character and which myths he includes,” said Lloyd, as he explained his annual tradition.

Usually, Lloyd decorates his classroom the day before and the day of Halloween. During this time, Lloyd carves at least one pumpkin, bakes one batch of Halloween-themed cookies, and pulls off one scary prank on his students.

In addition, not only does Lloyd celebrate Halloween inside his classroom, but he also has fun outside school. Each year he visits different mazes at various places such as Knott’s Berry Farm’s Queen Mary and goes around his well-decorated neighborhood, attends costume parties, or gives out candy.

Lloyd has always loved the suspense of Halloween from a young age. His family, especially

With his lantern and his zombie pig, Lloyd prepares himself to scare his students on Halloween. Photo by Suzane Jlelati.

his father, also found the excitement in Halloween, making funny graves and scaring other children which helped grow Lloyd’s interest in this fun, suspenseful, event.


“I look forward to Halloween because it has always held an element of faux-danger which appeals to me. The truth is: I like to be scared. Yes, I shouldn’t be scared in my advanced age, but it’s fun to pretend, to pull the sheets close to you because you know the monster from the movie is below the bed and at any moment will reach for your leg… “ said Lloyd.


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