by Anju Ito, Staff Writer & Calvin Tran, Staff Writer/Photographer

Victoria Nguyen (’18) serves to her Huntington Beach opponents while Clarissa Htay (’17) prepares to return the ball. Photo by Calvin Tran.

Varsity girls tennis pulverizes their Huntington Beach opponents with a score of 15-3 on a game last Tuesday. Winning this match allowed FV varsity girls to keep their first place in the league with a record of 8-0. Overall, the Lady Barons remain undefeated in the league as the Sunset League comes close to an end.

“[The Huntington Beach Tennis team] are good players. We always thought they were good players. But we were expecting to win again,” said Jane Nguyen (‘17).

All of the players played fantastically, and many won most of their matches. Some notable players were no. 1 singles Hanh Pham (‘18), no. 2 singles Katie Ho (‘17), no. 1 doubles Clarissa Htay (‘17) and Vikki Nguyen (‘18) and no. 3 doubles Kayla Korhonen (‘17) and Jane Nguyen (‘17) who won all three of their matches earning many points against Huntington Beach. Especially, the singles players Pham and Ho who both won two of their matches 6-0 and the other one 6-1 were the stars of the game.

In addition, no. 2 doubles Aozora Ito (‘18) and Brianna Lau (‘17) played great, winning the last two matches 6-3 and 6-2. Although singles three player Charisse Vu (‘19) had some trouble winning her first two matches, she was able to win her third match with the score of 6-0.

Htay proves her status on the varsity girls tennis team by returning the ball and scoring a point for her doubles team. With the aid from Victoria Nguyen (‘18), Htay wins another point by intercepting the opponent’s volley and viciously slamming the ball onto the opponent’s court.

Brianna Lau (’17) centers herself to retaliate the ball to the opposing court. Photo by Calvin Tran.

“The match was really fun. It was good. The girls played really well. Everyone is working really well together.” said  Jane Nguyen (‘17).

With only one more match until the final tournament next week, the Lady Barons are ready to win Sunset League. They are one of the strongest that they’ve ever been, driving through the season with their powerful plays. The girls are putting down everything onto the field and is determined to come out victorious.

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