by Anju Ito, Staff Writer & Calvin Tran, Staff Photographer

Harshul Patel, the varsity girls tennis coach of FVHS, smiles towards the successful season that the team is going to have this year. Photo by Calvin Tran.

With their intense practices and freshly done tennis courts, the varsity girls tennis team is ready to have one of the best seasons that they’ve ever had in many years. Led by their coach, Harshul Patel and their three captains, Katie Ho (‘17), Clarissa Htay (‘17) and Stephani Hernandez (‘17), the coach and the team players are determined to win the Sunset League for the first time in twenty-five years.

“That’s the only goal the whole team had for the last several years,” said Coach Patel.

Although the past few weeks have been a little rough for the whole tennis team this year because of the repainting of the tennis courts, the team has made a great start to their season due to the unmeasurable amount of hard work and time that they have devoted inside the tennis courts.

“This is one of the best team we’ve gotten so far. Team is doing excellent. We had some situation with the tennis courts, so we haven’t been able to practice that much, but given the scenario I think this season is going to be great,” said Patel.

In order to create the great tennis team that Fountain Valley High School has, the varsity girls tennis team practices nearly every single day. With their practice agendas and the talented coach and players, the team is greatly improving every year.

“We practice every day from six period until four, four-thirty, and on Saturdays we’ll do an afternoon practice for two hours,” said Htay (‘17).

However, the captains hold some concerns, such as the new members that may not be quite ready for the upcoming season.

Katie Ho (’17) practices after school as she rallies with her team. Photo by Calvin Tran.

“I feel like this year’s team is very good, though we have a few players that aren’t ready. But I feel that the more they practice, the more they’ll be ready for the season. This season, I feel like we’re going to do well,” said Ho (‘17).

Tennis ball after tennis ball, this year’s varsity girls tennis team will smash them all. These lady Barons trained hard for their season. Starting off the year fresh with their newly painted tennis courts, they can’t wait to practice and play. With their hard work, strong motivation and intense passion, these ladies won’t have any problem crushing the Sunset League.


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