by Anju Ito & Maria Gerges, Staff Writers

Librarians Jeff Poff, Marianne Young (Instructional Aid), and Sharon Watkins discuss the great resources of the library. Photo by Aminah Khan.

Although many students at Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) have visited the library, they may have forgotten to look into ways to benefit from the resources available from them there, which extends to phones and tablets for many uses both in school and at home.

The Library opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 3:30 p.m every school day. It holds many books of different genres, which appeals to all grade levels and all reading needs. There are also 60 computers that numerous students use everyday. Any student on campus can borrow books using their blue schedule that was given to them on the first day of school or with their ID cards, a more preferred method by the library. A student is able to borrow their books for three weeks, and on the Sunday prior to the day of the due date, the students are reminded of their checked outs via their school email.

Incoming freshmen may not know of the wonderful staff members of the library. The head librarian Stephanie Taylor is always available to help. Other librarians, Sharon Watkins and Jeff Poff, guide students around in the library and suggest new books for them to discover. According to the staff, the best thing about being part of the library is seeing the new students during Link Crew reacting to the enormous amount of books that there are in amazement.

In addition to the staff, the library has another fabulous resource that is not widely known among the students. For the past few years, the FVHS Library has been adopting a new system that has helped students keep track of their books and get information about the library through an app called Destiny Quest. By utilizing this app, students are easily able to gain information about the resources in the library, allowing them to use the facility more efficiently than ever.

Through the Destiny Quest app, students are able to do many things: learn about the most recent books that the library has obtained, scroll through the most checked out books in the library, renew and hold books, read ebooks, check the status of any books, go through their account and much more.

This convenient tool is available on most phones except Windows. All students need to do in order to use this app is to create a library account in the library, a process that only takes a few minutes that anyone can do, and they’re all set to use the resourceful app.

The library is one of the greatest faculty included in FVHS. Any student on the campus can visit it anytime, whether they’re looking for some books that they can use for their research paper, or just a quiet place to relax and read. Regardless of their intentions, the library is sure to serve the students’ needs with their relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.


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