by Anju Ito, Staff Writer

Captains of the team, Katie Ho (’17) and Clarissa Htay (’17) plays doubles one. Photo by Ivy Duong.

On Friday, September 9, the Fountain Valley Varsity Girls Tennis Team played a home game against Irvine High School, winning the game 11-7.

The girls played amazingly, especially the doubles one players, Katie Ho (‘17) and Clarissa Htay (‘17), who were able to win all three of their matches 6-0. In addition, during the first round, almost all of our players won their match, starting the game off fantastically.

However, throughout the second and third rounds, the singles players had a hard time winning their matches and lost most of their games, but they still played strong. Most notable were Aozora Ito (‘18) playing through her concussion and Charisse Vu (‘19) with an injured wrist.

Meanwhile, the varsity doubles players had a great game, and all the doubles players won all three rounds, marking the victory of FVHS.

Kayla Korhonen (’17) prepares for a backhand as Jane Nguyen (’17) runs to cover the forehand side. Photo by Ivy Duong.

“I felt like today was a good bump of self-esteem from yesterday, because the team we played yesterday, they were really good and it seemed like everyone was really down in the dumps, and we weren’t just feeling so well so I think today was a good loose,” said Ho (‘17).

Although Friday’s opponent might not have been a really strong one, the girls all did their best and defeated them, getting them ready for their upcoming season and increasing their energy.

“[Today’s game] was good, most of the girls won their game, and we’re pretty happy about it. We did well,” said Stephani Hernandez (‘17), one of the senior captains of the team.